Monday, 6 April 2009

New Signs and New Pots

The nice people at Barrington Court put some signs up
Yesterday so visitors will be able to find me.
This big one is on the edge of the car park.
I believe I have been getting between 10 - 20 % of the visitors to the Court
coming to see my workshop. It will be interesting to see if that increases now.

New pots from the Kiln this week

a close up of the stamp

These are two of the 4lb jugs, I like this size for two reasons
One, I can get two shelves of serving dishes in the kiln above them
Two, this is a size that looks big but feels light, always a nice feeling.
I've also been asked to make a Harvest Jug for a wedding
so I've made five now, so at least I've got some spares if something goes wrong.
as you can tell the lens cover is starting to get stuck on the digital camera.
a rest day today before working all over the Easter weekend.
it should be a busy one.


Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

Everything looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it in person this weekend. I'll be taking plenty of snaps of the workshop, and you working at the wheel. Perhaps you should wear a festive easter bonnet for the occasion. (made out of your egg cups?) teehee

Anonymous said...

more nice jugs... i like the little piece sticking up on the handle in the shot of the greenware.

Ron said...

Hope you have a great long weekend Paul and make lots of sales.

ang said...

oh well one on the signage, it always helps to tell pepps where to go...heheheh.....
and nice jugs paul lovin the green, must add you to my itinery for my trip - if flights keep dropping in price it'll be sooner rather than later!

ang said...

hey paul, somebody pinched my 'd' oi!!....should be -oh well done on the signage! hopefully you interpreted that one..

ang said...

seriously,.... should read peeps....l must of been having a bleary eyed day..

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