Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Local Clay from them there Hills.

This was My view today while I took Caddy for his walk.

and this is clay that came from them there Hills, all I have done is wash it down to a slip run it through a kitchen flour sieve, and dry it out on a plaster batt.
I have wedged it up and have made a 6 inch strip 1 inch wide
so I can measure how much it will shrink when its fired.

I wanted to throw a pot with it but it felt as if it would not throw to well
so I mixed it 50/50 with my red clay and it threw pretty well.
but I will try the test piece in the kiln first later in the week.
I've loaded a Glaze firing today as well so more new big pots out on Thursday.
I'm quite excited about these ones.
Which is a nice feeling.

1 comment:

Ron said...

Hey Paul, that's pretty exciting. You'll have to do a porosity test too. Wonder what color it will turn out?

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