Monday, 11 May 2009

New Ash Glaze Pots

I had some new pots out of the kiln on Saturday, with the Ash Glaze I have made
when they cut down the Chestnut trees at Barrington Court.

I've had the stamp made
and this is the first pot with the Ash glaze and the Stamp.

and this is all that is left of the avenue of trees.
I Have decided I am going to make 100 of each
Lidded pots , Jugs and a Bowl
which can be purchased either as a set or as individual Items.
They will all be numbered on the base ie: 1/100
Each Item will cost £20 so a set of all three for £60.
If I don't make it as a potter I could always turn my hand to Furniture restoration.
I picked this rather scruffy looking table up from a local Antique shop for a snip of a price.
Got my sander to it and painted the legs and Hey Presto !
I've got to put some small extensions to the front legs but apart from that
it looks a treat.
The legs are cream by the way,
the picture makes them look white.


Hollis Engley said...

A shame about the chestnuts, Paul. But I do like the stamp. And the ash glaze is working great, isn't it?

brandon phillips said...

glad to see you've got that ash working for you. i was a little skeptical at first but you've made me a believer!

Ron said...

Great idea Paul.

potterboy said...

You can put me down for a set - a great idea and it's a great glaze by the looks of it. Those lidded pots in particular are very pleasing.

ang said...

lovely table too, maybe its a side line paul ??...

Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

What's going on with the white legs? (they look like yours in the height of summer)

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