Monday, 11 May 2009

Not Quite a Shimpo

Shimpo's slogan for the T whisper

" it's so quiet you can actually hear yourself thinking".

Well this is what My wheel sounds like.

Now you can understand why I had been contemplating buying a Shimpo.


Ron said...


paul jessop said...

Yep that just about sums it up I think Ron.

I can't talk and demonstrate at the same time.

jimgottuso said...

wow! i have a whisper, not the T though and i love it

Joseph said...

I have a noisy wheel like that and it doesn't bother me I just work through the noise and eventually forget it is there, however when I'm at Uni and they have multiple wheels all making a din not in time with each other it drives me crazy.

brandon said...

i have both an RK whisper and a VL they are both great and completely silent never used a T but they look like a spiffy bit of kit.

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