Monday, 13 July 2009

Root - Card - Jugs ...

As ever things are busy down at the workshop
at One point today I had three people queuing up to buy pots.
The last part of Chestnut Avenue was taken away today
watching these guys work is like watching a ballet
such elegant movements followed by the odd thud!
All of the School Kids dropped into my workshop today for a surprise visit.
They had made me a great big Thank You card.
and some big jugs were thrown today
these are 6lbs and about 12" tall

I have found that if I leave them to stand for 30 minuets and then pull the lip I get a much crisper lip.
and this evening has been a round of meetings and discussion's regarding Somerset Art Weeks.
Oh and it's Marions Birthday on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

the thank you card makes it all worth while... it's hard to compete with tractors

Hollis Engley said...

I should try that with the lip, Paul. Sounds like a good idea. I usually pull the lip just after throwing and before taking it off the wheel. Requires a bit of fettling with sandpaper after the bisque.

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