Sunday, 16 August 2009

Ron Was Here - Honest ...

Ron, Sarah and Doug came on up to Barrington on Thursday afternoon.
I have no pictures to prove it but they did Honest!
It was a beautiful sunny day, we had lunch in our back garden
then went down to the workshop
and we had a look around Barrington Court and the Gardens.
Where Doug revealed a hidden talent.
He knew the names of most of the plants in the garden.
Obviously a man with Green fingers when there not covered in clay.

I managed to take these pictures of Ivy growing over the windows in the Court House.
We then went to the local pub and tasted the local beers
followed by a nice pub meal in the Duke of York.

Friday Morning and we popped over to see John Leach
I noticed my jug was still hanging on the beam above John's wheel, judging by the dust on it it's been there since April.
This last shot made me realise my workshop is missing two vital ingredients
The towel hanging device is a great Idea.
and for recreational purposes a dart board is a must.
I didn't manage to take one picture of Ron , Sarah or Doug.
But when we took Ron to the train station he said that he had taken 457 pictures
over the past 5 days.
so no doubt a few mug shots will be appearing on Ron's blog
in the near future.


doug Fitch said...

Ha, I took no pictures either, none at all when Ron was here, so I'm relying on Ron to post his too. Thanks for a lovely day, it was great to see your place. Thanks for the card too, ha ha ;)

Sarah said...

Indeed a wonderful visit with everyone! We are now back in the states and Ron is sound asleep! I so enjoyed our time with you and Marion. Thank you for all of your kindness xx

Anonymous said...

sometimes it seems like you're living more in the moment when you don't have the camera, of course i'm like ron insofar as i would've been snapping away at everything, sounds like fun

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