Thursday, 17 December 2009

A post about Pots...

I've been getting on very well with my new wheel.
I'm not sure what happened in this photo, but I think the lens
must have got steamed up, but I like the effect.

From a clearer lens this is my new Blue slip,
I'm growing to like it, but I think that is partly to do with the fact, that
I made 7 of these and they have all now sold,
apart from the one Marion nabbed for herself.
And Finally
The Barrington Court Wassail Cup.
decorated with leafs from the apple tree
and glazed using the Ash Glaze.
I'm still very busy at the workshop at the moment.
and I'm working on some nice new ideas.


Lori Buff said...

The blue is pretty, and it complements the clay body color well. Glad to know they are selling also. said...

I love the blue mug, I don't care what anyone says, blue is good. Why do potter's fuss about it so? I think it's really nice and it sells well! I would buy one! Of course I make turquoise raku, so don't use me as a good sample market :)
But my turquoise sells very well!

Hollis Engley said...

There's this thing about blue. I'm still trying to find a blue that I think works well with my pots. Brandon Phillips has a nice pale blue ash glaze that has worked well on my stuff occasionally, but it's tricky getting the tiny amount of cobalt right in the mix. That said, Paul's mug looks great. And I'm sure they sold well. And Paul, I'm loving the amber pint you sent with Denise.

Winston said...

Wow! I never knew a colour could be added to slip and then worked on to clay. I'm a beginner potter and always thought that colour could only be put on as a glaze and that slip had to be added in its natural colour. Thanks for opening my eyes!

Christine--RHP said...

I think the blue looks great on that clay--

so what do you put in a wassail cup? some sort of alcoholic brew, right?

Anna said...

Im one of those potters that likes blue. And blue and brown is one of my favorites. Your blue looks terrific with the chocolate brown of your clay!

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