Monday, 22 February 2010

Home Made Display Units.

I finished off these units yesterday.

The Idea was Taken from Doug Fitch's visit to the workshop last week.

I was talking through some Ideas and I had seen a picture of the one Doug had made for his showroom, made from old scaffolding planks.

I loved the look of Doug's one the style really suites his rustic earthy pots.

I decided to do a bit of digging around for the best local supplier and had a word with my friendly builders merchants. I told them of the price I was looking to pay and they did me a deal if I bought 10.

But for this price they wouldn't deliver, so as they are 3.9mtrs long I had to do at least one cut on each plank in their yard with a hand saw so that I could fit them in my truck.

This is the result.

I decided to keep the end bits on a make a feature of them
and I've sanded this one down to see what it looks like.
The top is two and a half planks wide.

This is the second one but it hasn't been sanded yet.

I've added a plank on the base to display pancheons.

And good news on the workshop.
The Electricians were due to start today and at 9am they turned up
and got started.
My Lease on the new workshop is going to start on the 5th March
and I'm hoping to make the move over that weekend.


ang said...

weheyyy looking good...

Ron said...

You're moving right along there. Looking great.

Lori Buff said...

The displays look great. The thing about being a potter is that one also needs to be a carpenter, electrician, chemist...

paul jessop said...

That's what I love about it Lori.

Joseph said...

Those shelves are looking really nice

Learning the whole ceramics thing has been a lot but with everything else on top, yay fun summer for me setting up a workshop.

Hannah said...

Looks great Paul, grand shelves. Was wordwork ahoy here today too! Not so fancy as that though.

imagine said...

It looks really good, plain and simple really works.
The pots will do the talking.

doug Fitch said...

Nice one Paul - a bit neater than mine which are certainly more rustic(knackered!). Scaffold planks are the biz

Hollis Engley said...

The shelves look great, Paul. We've got to figure something out in the new space we're making now, too. And the work space is going to be terrific.

The Brookfield Potter said...

Good use of scaffold boards. I'm too tight to spend money, so the shelves I made a couple of weeks ago were built from a recycled kitchen worktop which I split lengthwise. It's given me two heavy duty shelves above my workbench which is eight foot long.
The doors and sides from the kitchen units were used as more shelving.
All for free.

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