Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Vote for the Leach Museum

Last July Marion and I made the Journey to St Ives to visit the Leach Pottery Museum.
It's a great place, when we were there school kids were having a go at playing with clay,
while others sat and watched the video.
Students were working in the new workshops.
And I was able to have a good look around and get a feel for what it must have been like to work there.
It certainly gave me inspiration for the lay out of my new workshop.

I had left my camera in the car so this poor quality shot was taken
on my mobile phone.
I had this email from them today and I have voted.
I would ask you to vote because if it wins it will get a lot more publicity.

The Leach Pottery in St Ives is one of eleven institutions long-listed for the £100,000 Art Fund Prize, the UK ’s largest single arts prize.
The long list has been selected by a panel of Judges chaired this year by broadcaster Kirsty Young. The £100,000 prize is awarded to the museum or gallery for a project completed in the last year, that the Judges deem demonstrates the most originality, imagination and excellence. The Prize, which has been sponsored by the UK ’s leading independent art charity, The Art Fund, for three years, aims to increase public appreciation and enjoyment of the UK ’s museums and galleries.
The public can vote for their favourite long-listed institution and leave comments for the Judges on the Art Fund Prize website telling the Judges why they should win. The poll results and online comments will be given to the Judges for their consideration when selecting the Short List and Winner. Visitors to the website can enter an exclusive competition to win a limited edition Jonathan Yeo print.To vote, comment or for more information about the Art Fund Prize go t

Please vote for us and pass this on to as many people as possible! Thank you.
Margaret Parma
Leach Pottery
Higher Stennack
St. Ives
TR26 2HE
01736 799703

This is the current vote level, as you can see
it's winning by a mile at the moment.

Thank you for loving your museum
Here are the results so far:
The Ashmolean museum (1.5%)
Blists Hill Victorian Town (0.5%)
Great North Museum (8.5%)
Hampton Court Palace (1.5%)
The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum (1%)
The Leach Pottery (72.6%)
The National Army Museum (0.5%)
The Natural History Museum (1.5%)
The Royal Institution (5.5%)
The Towner (5%)
The Ulster Museum (2%)

Thank you
Paul Jessop

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Hollis Engley said...

OK, Paul. I voted. Don't know if they'll pay attention to a USA vote, but what the hell. From the voting results so far, it appears the Leach is waaayyyyy ahead of anyone else.

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