Monday, 12 April 2010

New Pots & Kiln Opening

I took an order yesterday to make a large old fashioned bread crock
with a wooden lid.
I made this using 15lbs of clay.
The largest amount I have ever used in one go.
This morning I opened the glaze firing with mixed results.
I like this lipped Pancheon.

and this is one of a set of six.

But this was a very poor effort
black slip painted over green slip with sgraffito decoration.

This was a bit better but still very weak in it's final outcome.

Something to work on I guess.

Back to the workshop now, Loads to make today.

1 comment:

cookingwithgas said...

you are busy! Pots look great- we are trying to find the balance with some black slip our selves- tricky stuff.

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