Friday, 9 April 2010

Pottery in the Sunshine

The weather here has been glorious over the past few days.
it was so warm outside I have been able to dry pots in the sun.
with the workshop being cold and damp this has been of great help and has saved me at least 3 days waiting for pots to dry.
These pots were drying on Thursday and are now in the kiln following glazing.
I did bisc fire them on Thursday night.
so more new pots out of the kiln then. with a few experimental ones as well.
The Daffodils are out in full bloom and are looking great in the sunshine.

Walking caddy in the morning and you can actually feel the heat from the sun,
It's been such a long winter, it's nice to feel it's coming to an end.

I have orders for 32 pots at the moment, so things are going well.
This pot is now a jug and I've already got someone who wants to buy it
having watched me throw it on the wheel on Friday.
More pics of new pots on Monday.


Anna said...

Will you be putting more pots on etsy? Hm? :)

ang said...

wow cracking along paul...

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