Monday, 10 May 2010

A Good Start to My Week.

Monday morning and I'm up bright and early,
it's a beautiful day, if not a bit chilly.
Opened the kiln and then took Caddy for a walk.
I Like to unload the kiln, then go for a walk, to give me time to think about
the pots that have just come out.
Initial reactions can be deceptive, especially if pots don't come out as you hoped.
But that wasn't the case today.
This large bowl although quite plain is beautiful.
This is the large Pancheon made with a 50/50 mix commercial clay and local Puckington clay.

See I can do modern, but in my own way.

I love jugs.
This is the same jug in better light.

and My dip bowls are now
Back in Stock.
This Bread crock has been made as an order to match some other pots
I made in the black late last year.
This one is going to have a wooden lid made to fit.
So I'll post a picture of this again when the lid is made.
whilst out on my walk I spotted the BT guys putting the cables in
so my phone line should be up and running by Wednesday.
and I've just completed my order for 20 Tankards as well.
What a great start to the week.


Hollis Engley said...

Wow. And I just got out of bed ... Nice pots, Paul. And nice sheep, too.

cookingwithgas said...

Sheep are great- love seeing them.
I like the warmth of the pots- nice!

ang said...

love the 'mod' look paul, lovely green...

Anonymous said...

lovely pots paul, i like that idea of taking a walk after unloading.

danp said...

Lovely jug

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