Sunday, 6 June 2010

Some Very Interesting Visitors...

Over the past month, I've had some very interesting visitors in the showroom.
When this lady walked into the workshop, I was as ever,
listening to Pink Floyd.
As the next track came on
" The Great Gig in the Sky"
She asked if I was a big Pink Floyd fan. we got talking about how I started my pottery at school listening
to the Dark side of the moon album in the after school pottery club, while
the sixth formers were all making clay pipes to sell at
the Knebworth festival.
Do you know who she is ?
This is Carol Kenyon, a singer in her own wright but also
Backing singer for Pink Floyd
and she is the lady that sings the great gig in the sky.
and I didn't have my camera on me.
she had just finished a world tour with Roger Waters.
It was quite an odd feeling to be listening to her singing
while she was stood in my showroom talking to me.
She was very nice and she did buy a pot.
which I know is the only question you fellow bloggers were asking yourself.

Another of my customers Peter, turned up at my workshop in this fantastic old car.

And there's more !

Another couple came in to see how I'm getting on with the bread crock they ordered

and announced that they are starting a new Lifestyle magazine.

and they would like me to do an article about my change of lifestyle

and also promote my pottery courses.

And more. !

Four ladies from the Somerset Tourist board came for a morning taster session and we had great fun making pots for two hours.
They want to promote me as well.
And one other lady of note came in on a very hot day wearing a very tight silk summer
dress, I was busy at the time wedging clay but she caught my attention,
I decided to carry on working as it was obvious to me that she wasn't carrying any money.
when I looked around again she was stood in the workshop just watching me,
it was at that point I could tell that she didn't have even so much as a credit card
concealed about her person.
she just said " Beautiful just Beautiful".
then turned and walked out.
A Potters Life Ah !!
It's a tough job but someones gotta do it!


ang said...

what a life paul!! you crack me up...glad you have fun in your workshop!! hehehe......

Tracey Broome said...

I think the stars are certainly lining up for you! My daughter Wesley came home from being with a friend one day in 2nd grade and announced that she had just heard the most amazing thing ever. The dad had been playing Dark Side of the Moon in the car and we had to take Wes to get the CD right away. That's the year she started playing music. She has been a huge fan ever since. The Gig song is her most favorite ever! She will flip when I show her your blog! I think your workshop has a magic spell or something :)

cookingwithgas said...

I had just heard an interview with Carol Kenyon on the radio here in the past month.
A very interesting and talented women.
You are in a little place of magic there.
I wonder who will come in your door next!
And good for you with your students and all!
You are really moving along and providing so much for the area you are in.

Anna said...

This is just great!! You are right, you never know who will walk in...especially when your studio is in such a prime spot. Pink Floyd ROCKS! :)

Christine--RHP said...

wow, Paul! Carol Kenyon!! cool! I definitely have some tracks of her voice burned into my soul....
and like Tracey, my offspring is making mama proud with his youthful interest in PF.
sounds like you're having some magical days there in the studio. and keep us posted about the magazine.

Linda Starr said...

So wonderful to have so many visitors stopping by; what a great potter's life you have there. Dark Side of the Moon is my all time favorite album; well I used to have the album, but it was water damaged in one of our bus trips across country, now I have the CD.

Lori Buff said...

You are living dream, even parts that you may never have dreamed possible. Glad you're enjoying it.

Michael Kline said...

Shine on you crazy diamond! Or something like that! Great stories, Paul!

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