Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Walk The Dog & Buy a Pub...

I had a very early start this morning, I was in the workshop
at 6.45am, but I don't seem to have achieved much at all.
Before evening classes started at 7pm this evening I took caddy for a walk.
This is the steep lane up to the top of the hill
at the moment it has a wonderful smell of wild garlic.

and once at the top you can see Burrow Hill.
The wheat field is looking fantastic.
I have a sign up in my showroom that just says
Barrington Pottery
"Inspired by the surroundings"
as you can see, as simple as ever.

The long clay tiled roof in the top of this picture is where
my workshop is.
as You can see in this picture
it really is at the edge of the Somerset Levels.
Oh and by the way the local pub is up for sale
£350,000 freehold.
It's not very good at the moment but it could be so good
it has great potential.
and us locals reckon you could pick it up for £295,000.
and we'll happily tell you what needs doing to make it a success.
we kept telling the other guy but he never took any notice.
He knew best.
He couldn't get wet in a shower.


Ron said...

Great pics Paul. How could one not be inspired by such beauty.
So, I hope someone buys the pub and it fulfills everyone's wishes.

paul jessop said...

Ron I hope someone buys the pub that actually puts some beer in it.

Christine--RHP said...

I'll buy it if you put up the money. I need a pub.

Hollis Engley said...

Beer would be good in the pub. I've forwarded the link to Chris Bromfield, in case he and Denise want to split their time between the pub and Falmouth. As it is, they know all the good drinking spots here....

paul jessop said...

Hollis in some ways the fact that it's so bad has been doing me a favour.
no more
One Vodka
two Vodka
three vodka
Floor !!

Anna said...

A pub without beer. That just isnt right.

ang said...

man i thought you were going to say you bought it!! HA...love the tree...

Hollis Engley said...

That floor comes up awfully quickly, doesn't it, Paul?

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