Thursday, 24 June 2010

Quick Update

I'm very busy at the workshop at the moment,
But Marion has had the Camera all week for work, so I haven't got any
pictures to show you.
This Fantastic Pot was my Birthday Present
From Marion on Sunday I'm Now 48 and feeling good.
I took this picture on the Sunday morning when we were out walking through the Village.
and this up on the Hill
This Bowl came out of the Kiln last Thursday
and sold on Saturday Morning.
I'm getting all my bits together to build my Dustbin Raku Kiln,
My ceramic fibre turned up on Tuesday
and I bought a round kiln shelf and Tongs yesterday at CTM Supplies,
where I bumped into Svend Bayer.
( come on it's not often I drop a Name in is it ? )
I've made all my own clay Buttons, but they need firing yet.
so once I start building it I hope to show each stage.
I'm Also making pots for the Summer show at The Somerset Guild of Craftsmen
that starts on 10th July.
I sold 4 Pots at the Contemporary Craft Fair
including the large bowl with wording, and I'm pleased to say
the West Country Potters Association have sent me a cheque
so thank you for that.
More pics when I can get my hands on the Camera.


Lori Buff said...

Beautiful pics and beautiful pots.
I hope you had a happy birthday.
As a raku artist I'm very interested in seeing your kiln building posts and the resulting pots. You might want to check out the naked raku group on yahoo. Lots of good information about alternative firing methods.

The Brookfield Potter said...

Paul, your birthday gift looks old is it? It had a medieval look. You might like to look at my latest post; it describes my first barrel firing. I used a garden incinerator which was given to me. I fastened some ducting tube on top and got a fantastic updraft (too much for barrel firing I lost loads of pots) which may work well for raku. I'm planning to experiment later in the year.

paul jessop said...

Thanks Lori, I'll have a look.
Mark, I've just read your blog, excellent stuff, if not a little bit scary at one point.Thanks.

Christine--RHP said...

Happy Birthday Paul!! I know a thing or two about 48 year old men! ( I keep one as a pet--he's just the right blend of mellow and fun!)
your gift is lovely!! and the tree bowl too!
good luck with the raku kiln--don't lose your eyebrows!

Hannah said...

it is very very pretty where you are and so very English isn't it. Lovely spot.
Look forward to seeing that kiln making sequence.

Congresburypotter said...

Hi Paul

Glad to hear our Westcountry Potters' treasurer has been her usual wonderful efficient self.

I made 60 ceramic buttons yesterday for the wood-fired raku dustbin project I'm organising for WPA next month - will be very interested to hear and see how you get on!!

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