Friday, 27 August 2010

Palestinian Pottery & a Question ?

Marion's Son Nathan is Filming in Israel at the moment
for Sky News.
and he has sent me these pictures of a
Palestinian Pottery in Jerusalem.
Very decorative work.

These look like a play on Devon slipware jugs
but maybe it's the other way around.
Nice to see a pottery workshop in such a volatile part of the world.
Strange to think how calm it is in Somerset
I can't imagine what it must be like to work in Jerusalem.
These Tiles are just Fantastic.

 The Question he asked when he sent me the pics is this.
A friend is getting married soon and he asked if it would be possible
for guests to sign a plate instead of a guest book ?
My first reaction was No.
But I'm beginning to think it should be possible.
any suggestions would be most welcome.


Brian said...

Underglaze pencils?
Maybe several colors for variety.

Joseph said...

or underglaze crayons, you can make them yourself, with low fired oxide mixed clay I think

Anna said...

What an awesome idea....a guest PLATTER! Depending on the size of the guest list of course....

Christine--RHP said...

Use a bisquefired plate (or platter) and have the guests draw on or sign it with underglaze pencils and then glaze it up and fire it. Should work fine, as long as the plate is very smooth, and not groggy or rough. Whenever I use my pencils for my signature,it works best when the piece is sanded nice and smooth. Great idea!

Hannah said...

hi Paul, yes underglaze pencils on a bisque fired white slipped bowl work well. When a friend at college was very ill we made a bowl and everyone signed it to give her after the op. Great idea.

Ron said...

Beautiful pots there. Sarah and I attended a wedding not log ago and the guests did just what folks have said here, signed a platter with underglaze pencils. Some even drew little pictures.

Nu Kua said...

There's a recipe for making your own crayons/pencils at the website of ceramics monthly (or ceramics daily)

Paul Jessop said...

Thanks Guy's That is great.
I shall report back to the Groom.
This is what is so great about blogging. the help and support you all offer so freely.

doug Fitch said...

Hil had a student teacher with her last term. As a leaving gift I made a small jug with white slip and all the kids sgrafittoed their names onto it - he was really chuffed

Sheila said...

They now have glaze markers! They work just like a magic marker and you can put them in a regular oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You can find them at most clay supply houses here in the USA.

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