Monday, 2 August 2010

Going in Some kind of Positive Direction.

More positive thinking is in the air around
Barrington Pottery this week
I'm pleased to say.
I've been going through a period of negative thinking
about the quality of my work.
You may have noticed very few if not, No pictures of recent firings.
This has been because I've not been pleased with the work I've been
producing. The large green harvest jug being an exception.
I have an order for a small harvest jug that I am focusing my attentions on
now I've made four and cut one in half just to check
my throwing.
I'm happy with that so the rest will get finished off.
My web site needs an overhaul, so that's next on the agenda
I'm adding some sections and removing others, but ultimately it will give me more local control
to add new pics as pots progress.
I've got a glaze firing loaded up with some jugs I'm very happy with
so they will be out of the kiln on Wednesday.


Anna said...

The jug cut in half is obvious proof of your skill! Wonderful!

Hannah said...

Hi Paul,
Glad youre feeling more positive.Look forward to more pictures.
The brick walls are all over the place I find, usually where I least expect them but you'll find a way round / through / over them. You have the determination and I have every confidence in you.

Ron said...

Hey Paul, Ups and downs. I know the feeling. Pots are looking good as always. Hope to see more pics this week.

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