Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Some days you just have to laugh at yourself!

This is a picture of me this morning after I had taken the bottom shelf out of the kiln to reveal,what at first looked like a new blue glaze. upon closer inspection it became apparent that I had indeed managed to put five unglazed coffee cups in the base to see if they would fit, but then forgot to glaze them before covering them with a small shelf, that would maximize the firing space.

Apart from that it was a good firing with some nice jugs.

Locals may be wondering why our two cars have been replaced with courtesy cars.
Marion had backed her Mazda 6 2.2ltr flying machine into a tree, so she's been given this little number while it's knocked back into shape. according to Marion it's got a sat nav fitted as standard, but she thinks an engine might have been a better option.

as for me I only took the pajero in for an M.O.T on Monday. the chap took it down the road for a spin before doing the emission test. 20 minuets later he was towed back up the hill to the garage. and I was given this heap of loveliness. Needless to say I've been walking to the workshop this week.
You've gotta laugh some days.


cookingwithgas said...

We all have those momets of Duh!
What - don't you want to ride in that nice blue car?

DirtKicker Pottery said...

Great post. I definately can relate. BTW... Cool cars :)

Christine--RHP said...

hahaha....been there, done that! (I've woken up out of a dead sleep in a total panic over that sort of thing....)

Ron said...

Ha those two cars are NOT what you both are used to at ALL.

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