Monday, 23 August 2010

Last weekend

I Finally got the Pajero back on Thursday Evening.
a close shave as I'm not sure what we would have done about setting up
for Yesterday's Farming.
On Friday morning I set up the Gazebo.
We almost lost it once when the wind caught it, but I managed to grab one leg
as it took off.
We were never very happy with the display and kept changing it around all weekend.
The Pie dishes created a lot of interest.

But this is what the show is all about, Old Stuff!
I was lucky we came away without any new additions to the family
as Marion was really taken with the Five ducks at the bottom left.
The heavy horse display was good we love horses.
But they were replaced with these.
which has in turn been replaced with this Monster
This tractor was offering kids rides, but no steering was required as it is all done by GPS.
Hollis Look at this!
I bought You a Ticket.
"Your wife may be pleased to hear that unfortunately you didn't win."
Catering had gone up a notch this year
I love the name of the band in the background.
Slightly out of place but welcomed never the less.

And one of the nice things about the show are the character's
Unfortunately we had plenty of time to look around, which meant
we were not very busy.
This chap is sat on a table on display !
I think this lady had collected her husband from the Beer Tent
she was marching him off home.
and this chap summed up the Somerset Farmer look.

We only sold 10 pots, which was pretty poor
but we had decided to just go and enjoy the weekend regardless of sales.
and It was nice to spend two whole day's with Marion.

Next on the Agenda
Somerset Art Weeks 18th Sept - 3rd October.


ang said...

excellent forethought P&M looks like a well entertaining show..

Tracey Broome said...

I liked your booth display a lot. You won't believe this, but last night I was thinking about making a flag very similar to the one in your photo for my booth! I had seen one on Posey Gets Cozy blog and thought it would be nice with my barns! I have those same apple crates that I use for shows.

Felix Unger said...

You're pulling my Plonker!

Hollis Engley said...

Hey, if my wife dressed like that man's wife, I'd expect her to drag me out of the bar, too.
Lovely depictions of the weekend, Paul.

Hollis Engley said...

And ... damn! I was already planning the garage for that tractor.

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