Monday, 6 September 2010

An Episode of Mild Peril

Some times you have to think hard about putting together a blog post
and some times they just write themselves.
Today's episode wrote it's self.
At lunch time today I decided to go for a walk with cadbury
not something I normally do at lunch.
But today for some reason it was meant to be.
As we walked down the back lane, a chap on a mobility scooter
zoomed up behind us, I've never seen one of these machines go so fast.
Cadbury and I went through the gate at the side of the cattle grid
and the guy on the scooter went around the corner, which was Odd
because that would just take him further away from the Court.
10 Minuets later I was stood outside the workshop saying that I hadn't seen him again
and that I was getting slightly worried about him.
So I jumped in the Pajero and shot off down the lane to look for him.
I found him at the bottom of a 5ft ditch up to his ankles in water
and still sat in the mobility scooter.
my first words to him were
" How the hell did you get in there"?
He was to far down for me to pull him out, so I shot back to the Court
called 999 and got a fire crew and an ambulance out ,
to hoist him out of the ditch.
It was raining heavy by this time and the ditch was filling up with water.
The guy was about 70 -75 and very frail.

Luckily he seemed OK and this is Mathew driving the scooter back
to the reception area for a check over.

My youngest Daughter Sarah, has some DVD's of
sponge bob square pants
and on the back it has a warning
" contains scenes of Mild Peril"
This was one of those scenes, and if I hadn't gone looking for him
he would have been there for hours.
So that's my good deed for the day done.


Anonymous said...

Do you think a relative had turbo charge the scooter to get their inheritance early?
Be careful as they may turbo your wheel out of revenge!


Hollis Engley said...

Nothing like starting the day with a bit of heroism, eh, Paul?

Tracey Broome said...

Good for you, some good Karma coming your way now :)

Hannah said...

Blimey, that was good thinking, well done you! Was he ok?
I love the "mild peril" title.

Congresburypotter said...

Never heard of knights in kagoules before - but well done!

ang said...

and i thought it was going to be a bout a dog fight????? wow gotta watch those scooters!! noice one paul...

Ron said...

Way to go Paul!

Trish said...

Another reason for following ones' intuition and that 'unsettled' feeling. :)Happy all are okay.

Anonymous said...

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