Saturday, 16 October 2010

Back to the grind stone.

It's Saturday and It's My first full day back at work.
The Holiday we just had was very full on
with no time spare to sit and reflect on the Pottery and the future
which is what I would normally do.
So it feels very strange trying to get back in the groove.
It's a Beautiful sunny morning here and I took Cadbury for a walk.

 and these are the sights and sounds that I am more used to,
The blue sky is beautiful but the temperature is just 10oc.

We go through this gate most days as caddy can't make it over the cattle grid
Neither can I come to think of it. 
But this little chap has been far more industrious than me so far today. 
So Caddy and Me are in the workshop now
with some glazing to do to get us back in the groove.
New pots will be out of the kiln on Monday, and hopefully
having the kiln on will warm up the workshop.
Cor Blimey it's Cold!

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