Sunday, 17 October 2010

A Bizarre Week with a sad note ends with a sore head.

This must go down as one of the most Bizarre weeks of my life.
On a sad note the day before we were due to fly off to Spain,
Marion's Mum, Maria passed away.
She was 83 and in a nursing home.
We were going to stay at home, but Marion's family insisted we go
on our holiday because they knew how hard we had been working this year.
So firstly, Thank you to the Family.
We had a wonderful week with our Friends Wendy and Martin.

Luckily for readers of this blog I resisted the temptation to bath in the
healing mud's of Pilar.

we went to some beautiful places.

and even found some pots to take pictures of.
These were being used to catch shell fish in La manga.

Then when we got back we had the Funeral on the Friday
which was a sad and somber affair.
But had been very well organised by Marion's Brother and sister.
so Thank you very much for that.

Then on the Saturday evening we had Franki's 40th Birthday Party
which was Fancy dress theme the 80's.

This is Franki and her husband Lee
Lee took 4 hours to get ready and shaved his head for the role

Luckily Marion and Me were a bit more reserved in our outfits. 
The Bat man sat next to me is Marion's son Nathan.

This was the best Fancy dress party we have ever been to.
Some of the costumes were just amazing.

This was what it was all about.

I'm not sure if this craze travelled the world, but if you went to a disco
in the 80's and they played
"Opps upside your head"
or alternatively called the rowing song. then this was the dance.

Nice to see Marion's Brother Mark enjoying a well earned pint
of beer,
 "but surely that should have been Banana juice Mark?"

The disco was a mass of 80's
( well I'm not quite sure what you would call it )

These Rubik's Cubes were brilliant.

and here you have a chance to meet the family
from left to right
Taz, Tasha, ( Marion's daughter ) Marion centre, Louise and Nathan.( Marion's son ).
so sore heads all round today.
So this morning I went to download the pics onto the computer
and found I had left the cable at the workshop.
So still in my Pyjamas I jumped in Marion's car and shot down to the workshop,
when I pulled up around the corner at the back of the workshop
there were 30 people stood there.
 So I slowly reversed back before they could notice
I was still in My PJ's. 
 and I'm in no fit state to start making pots today.
The week has been a roller coaster of emotions.
And to end it all as I'm writing this blog a chap came in the workshop
and offered me a home made chocolate.
I popped it in my mouth and bit into it
it was Marzipan and Ginger
Two of the things I hate the most in the world.


Tracey Broome said...

Oh yeah, I remember that opps dance! Sorry to hear of Marion's mom, I lost my dad 17 years ago on Oct. 15 and he was buried on the 18th, sort of a sad weekend for me too. But tonight Wes has a gig at a local bar so that will cheer me up lots! Marion looks so pretty in that photo!!

cookingwithgas said...

I think I had a ticket on that ride.
I fully understand your feelings of ups and downs and everything in between.
And, really, I am glad you nor Marion shaved your heads.

ang said...

ha what a great party...nup dont know that dance..and HA!! paul you have to ask peeps whats in it, those chocs could be stinkers!!! do what i do and tell them your allergic!:P and so sorry to hear about marion's mum give her a big hug for me..

Christine--RHP said...

wow--that's one crazy week. Condolences to Marion and her family. And I think it was a blessing that you were able to take your vacay despite it all...

and, truly, I've heard of people not liking marzipan but I just don't get it. It's divine--food of the gods, I tell you. I think it must have to do with latin genetics as opposed to anglo.... you're welcome to send it all my way.

Hannah said...

Wow what a rollercoaster. Thinking of you both.

On the other side of the post thank heavens you didn't see fit to get a picture of you covered in black mud walking down the street in your speedos!

I am aware of the oops etc dance, I seem to vaguely remember it from my leaving primary school disco. I do not care to remember that. Some great costumes though. I do enjoy a good fancy dress party.

Anonymous said...
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