Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Make Time for a Cup of Tea.

This Year i have decided to make some things I had shy ed
away from in the past.
One of which was Cups & Saucers.
I know they are not a great seller, as Hollis said,
"they don't sell in the USA either". 
But I have decided to make these for myself in the workshop
Something else I've decided is to give myself
a proper Tea break in the day, Half the cups I make
end up going cold and not getting drunk.
These Pie Dishes also came out of today's Kiln. 
These are going to be Garlic pots. 
I also slipped this tall jug this morning, it's 14" tall. 
and this picture was me trying to dry pots on the kiln
as it cooled down yesterday.
It's milder today but still freezing cold in the workshop. 
This was a lipped bowl that I noticed was cracked just after I glazed it. 
I was able to pull it apart and was pretty chuffed at the cross section.
Hope you are enjoying your tea break
I am.


cookingwithgas said...

I like them! and I miss the fact we have quit using them.
Let's bring them back!

Anna said...

Yup, that's some super even throwing! COLD here too!

Hollis Engley said...

I like the idea of the tea break. Firing with Dan Finnegan and Toff Milway in Virginia, a tea break was always ... ALWAYS ... on the schedule. Complete with biscuit and Marmite. Nothing done halfway.

Hannah said...

Lovely cups and saucers Paul. Very nice. I'd use em definitly.

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