Wednesday, 11 May 2011

We Are Not Alone!

Here at Barrington Court
I am no longer the only craft worker in the Farm Buildings.
So there are far more reasons to come and visit the craft workshops.
Access to all the workshops is free and we are open all year round.
The first unit is now Barrington Patchwork
Run by Janet East
Janet has a great selection of Fabrics for the Quilter and general
sewing fraternity, she also stocks lots of accessories and books.
Janet's Fabric prices are very hard to beat and she also runs workshops
and classes, you can check out here web site here.

Do you recognise this place?
It's my old workshop.
Now home to Jozef Mezar - Wood carver
Jozef does some amazing carving work and also has a range of paintings
by his wife Anna
You can check out his web site.

The next workshop is
The Muddy Dog Company
Run by Beverley Holtom
Here she is chained to her sewing machine.
Beverley makes a beautiful range of hand bags, In Leather
and fabric.
Here are a few shots of her workshop and showroom,
at this point I'm sure Beverley wouldn't mind me suggesting that you
are welcome to look around her showroom,
"but don't pick up and mix up her materials that are laid out for making bags"
people do it all the time and they really should keep their mitts off.
Here is a link to Beverley's web site.

I also have a new hands off policy in the workshop area.

In the showroom I have a sign that says
"Please pick up and handle the pots"
But in the workshop
I now have a shoot on sight policy!

Can you believe how stupid some people are
I'm surprised they are able to get themselves dressed in the morning!

I'm pleased to say that these people never buy anything
they just waste your time and ruin pots in progress,
so I don't class them as Customers.

My Customers on the other hand are some of the nicest people
you could ever wish to meet.
and of course they have good judgement ,style and taste.
I'd just like to say a big thank you to all of my customers
Your nice comments are always very much appreciated.


Tracey Broome said...

Your world just keeps getting better and better, except for the stupid folk that stumble in!

Ron said...

Wow Barrington Court is rocking. Nice to see all that is going on there.

Joseph said...

I know what you mean about people wrecking pots, I usually position my self between them and people, any with any sense doesn't go near them. Hopefully they will be leaving my studio tomorrow to go somewhere I can actually get them fired.

I wish where I was there were more people around me doing crafts, it can get lonely sometimes.

imagine said...

Don't shoot them Paul, it will be over too quick.
I have that a length of 2x2 over the head works wonders.

Must be my visitors are making their way to you, or are they breeding?

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