Monday, 27 June 2011

Rufford Trip More Enlightening than Ever.

On Friday Marion and I took a trip to the Earth & Fire show at Rufford
we were able to catch up briefly with our friends, Doug Fitch,
Paul Young, Hannah McAndrew and Tim Hurn.
unfortunately we didn't take many pictures.
We are pleased to report that all of them were very busy,
so we tried not to take up too much of their time and space.
We also met up with Margaret Brampton,
I recognised her pots first and she recognised me from the blog,
this was the first time we had met,
I must say that I don't tend to visit too many of these shows
because I usually come away feeling demoralised.
But this was the first time I have ever come away feeling
full of confidence and happy with my own work.
There were over 100 potters on display
but not one was making what I make in the way I make it.
I may even apply to have a stall next year.

The journey home was full of discussion instead of my usual
It was during these discussion that Marion mentioned she used to
be good at art as a kid, but didn't take it further as the teacher
was more interested in her than her work.
So we decided to let her have a go at Sgraffito.
Marion's passion is for horses.
she sat down quietly at the table and began to scratch while I threw pots
I could see she had a very confident manner
and that her movements were minimal but defined.
when she finished she just said
 "there what do you think "?

I said some words that I won't repeat her on the blog
but it was along the lines of Blimey that's really good
what a dark horse.
She tells me she's told me before but I took no notice
it just goes to show. You should always
listen to your better half.
I'm going to make her some flat dishes to decorate and
we will see how it works out.


Hollis Engley said...

I see a line of horse pots coming up. Isn't that wonderful when you discover something brand new about someone you've known for a long time?

Anna said...

I'm so glad you felt good about your work leaving the show...I love the simpleness of your work, and the forms are fantastic. So no feeling bad. ;)

Can't wait to see what Marion does with the plates...

Ron said...

Yes, glad it was a good experience Paul. I know exactly what you mean about coming away from some things and just feeling terrible. I'm getting better too. (Yay!)

Look forward to seeing what Marion does with the sgraffito. That's a great horse.

Nice photo of the Fitch in the distance and of Margaret also.

imagine said...

That is good, I really can't wait to see more.
You are on to something really good.

ang walford said...

far out!!!!!!! M's got it going on...bleeding art teachers! one of mine is in the court this week for all the wrong reasons!!!! keep at it M love to see heaps more...

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