Monday, 27 June 2011

Two Blogs in one Day.

John Foley from the image gallery should like this one
two posts in one day.
John runs the Image Gallery in Long Melford Suffolk.
Long Melford is a Beautiful place.
and we met up again at Rufford, where he told me he felt I was
 getting slack on the blogging front.
on Sunday Marion started making this moulded dish.
today she decorated the rim and painted slip.
I then did a decorative design.
we have tried making these before and they always crack
so this time we propped up the out sides.
Watch this space!.


gz said...

decorate flat and use a hump mould?

imagine said...

Firstly, I love the freshness of that dish.

Simple, well crafted country pots I love, and this ticks all the boxes.

Secondly, how did I have the nerve to comment on your lack of blogging?
I think it is because I look forward to reading them.
You are a man living a dream [I know it's hard] and I really envy you.
Apart from that. I felt really shy and nervous seeing you.
As I said to Doug " Hey it;s Paul the Potter".
It felt like saying "It's Paul McCartney", you were someone I knew without knowing [well only knowing the little bit that you let us see], it was like seeing someone famous.
Which you will be in time.
Why you aren't doing the shows I can't understand, but with the current climate maybe next year could be a good time.
Then I will be able to boast "see him, that Paul the potter man, I know him".
Meanwhile, get Marion involved.
There is definitely something building there.

Anna said...

I TOTALLY agree with Imagine above.

Hollis Engley said...

John's right. Get out to a few shows with those lovely country pots. And no doubt Marion should have her own table in the workshop.

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