Tuesday 26 July 2011

Donyatt Inspired Order.

Yesterday I had two Bowls come out of the Glaze firing
that were made to order.
What was nice about the order, was that the old chap
that ordered them
Gave me Licence to use any of the designs
in the Donyatt Potteries Book.
I chose this rim design and moved the wording
down into the bowl.
In the original pot there was a lot more fancy stuff in the middle
but I felt that it would detract from the wording.
The chap was very pleased with them
and it was a lovely order to work on. 
Monday was a very warm day here
and it gave me time to slip and dry some pots in the sun.
The back row here 5" pie dishes
and the front two rows are 4" Ramekin dishes
something I've not made before
but I think will fit in well with my product range.
I'm trying to focus more on producing a product range
and do a few one offs in between.
I'm going to make some large bowls today
as centre pieces.
I've also ordered another Tonne of clay
that's the quickest I've ever got through a Tonne of clay
3and a half months.


cookingwithgas said...

love the bowls- very nice!

Lori Buff said...

I think you were right to keep the inside simple. They are lovely bowls.

Hannah said...

Met some slipware fans this weekend who live down your way. Sent them off with your address. Hope they come and find you.

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