Thursday, 28 July 2011

There's Early and there's Early

Last Night I was up till midnight
filling in my last Larc claim form.
These Doves were on the workshop roof as I left the workshop last night.
Then this morning I needed to be up at 6.30am
to go to the workshop and glaze pots for a firing.
This was the workshop this morning
it was like a scene from Bambi when I got there.
Four Bunnies on the grass, the small Owl on the roof
and the doves were still there.
I started to unload the Biscuit Firing and looked up at the clock
It was only 5.45am I had misread the clock at home
and had got up at 5.30am.
Now that's Early.
Still the kiln is now on & I'm off today
with two of  Marion's grandchildren for a day out. 


gz said...

If the Sun is up it can't be early!!

cookingwithgas said...

excuse me- yawn........that is early!

Ron said...

That is very early. Enjoy your day.

Lori Buff said...

I see a nap in your future

Tracey Broome said...

I just love these images. I have my fingers crossed that Gerry will get to cover the summer Olympics so I can come with him and visit all the potteries! I especially like the roof photo, I already have out my sketch book!

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