Thursday, 7 July 2011

Help for Heroes Calendar Now Available

I can't quite believe I'm writing this post
some time last year I gave two Tankards to the Auction
for Help for Heroes
held at the Duke of York Pub, Shepton Beauchamp.
They raised £75
and on the night the total money raised was
something in the region of £8,400 and a great night was had by all
the pub was so packed people couldn't get in the front door.

So back in January I met Malcolm in the pub and he'd
had a few beers by the time we walked in, in fact he was pissed.
And he asked me if I would do a naked pose for an Idea he had for a Calendar
for Help for Heroes.
Well it turned out I was one of the first he had asked
and one of the first to say
He said afterwards that if he hadn't been pissed
he wouldn't of had the courage to ask me.

We almost gave a photographer a nasty surprise
when I got them mixed up.
and thought the other guy was coming to do the Naked shot,
when in fact all he wanted was some workshop shots! oops!
Anyway I'm waffling, I think because I'm nervous.
As the Photographer said
"Lets get down to the business in hand"

I have 20 Copies for sale in my workshop,
all of the printing costs have been met by sponsors of which I am one.
we have had 300 printed and are looking to sell them
for £10.00 each
to raise £3000
100% of the sale price will go to Help for Heroes.
So go on treat yourself or better still
buy one for someone you Love
I'm September,
 but I'm told by Marion that most women wont bother
turning over past February which is the football team,
and it's a leap year next February,
not that you'll notice that
but it does give you an excuse to keep it on that page for a day longer.
So Come on don't be a shy one and Buy one.
I like that I just thought of that.


Laura Jessop said...

You've turned into Helen Mirren!

cookingwithgas said...

Oh Mama- lock up the girls....

Ron said...

Paul you are too funny!

Anonymous said...

Boy you are brave. Well done you.

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