Thursday, 14 July 2011

Central London Stockist of Barrington Pottery.

So You can now buy Barrington Pottery
in Central London.

I hear you ask!

Edwards & Todd
25a Museum Street,
London, WC1A 1JU.
Tel: 020 7636 4650

It's just around the corner from the British Museum
and coincidentally just around the corner from the
Contemporary Ceramics Gallery.

Gary Edwards & Johnathan Todd
tell me they have been following my blog for some time
and watching the workshop grow
Gary had studied pottery himself
at the Central School of Art in London
and so he knows what he's talking about.
I delivered the pots myself yesterday.
and they were going to make a
window display with them later in the day.
Thank You Guy's the order is very much appreciated
and I hope they sell well for both of us.

afterwards I made a day of it and went to have a look around
where I found these three large Pancheons priced at £95 each

Then I met up with my eldest Daughter Laura for lunch
who works at the National Theatre
amongst other things we discussed my new iphone
and she loaded up a new app for me
that does this to your pictures.
I'm already seeing a sgraffito application here.


Tracey Broome said...

Your daughter is so lovely! Good luck in London:)

Anna said...

London! Cool.

gz said...


Ron said...

Well done Paul! Hope you have great success there.

ang walford said...

congrats on the uber marketing paul...nice one!!

Paul Jessop said...

Thanks Guy's.
you can never tell. maybe because it's plain & simple and country it might do OK, or it could die on it's arse.

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