"Oh dear" I said.......

So there I am in the workshop nice and early
so that I can concentrate on
putting the wording on four bowls I have on order.
No Music, No Radio, no distractions.
I work out all the wording first by writing it on
with a soft pencil.
The mistake I made was moving the wording over a bit
after I had penciled it in.
Look at this basic error
I Missed out the "R" in church.
"Oh Dear"
I said.
at this point the whole pot is ruined.
so what do I do apart from throw it in the bin?
I had a cup of tea and gave it some thought.
and I came up with this little plan.
I drew in an R further down the bowl
and then wrote this little  wording around the base.
My Mum used to tell me not to drop my R's
I will make another
luckily I have plenty of time on this one.
But I will offer this one to the lady that ordered it for nothing
as well as the one with the correct spelling.

It made me feel better about it
and I hope the Lady will see the funny side of it.


Christine--RHP said…
love it!! and it'll be worth millions someday!
Hollis Engley said…
That's a brilliant solution, Paul.
That is so fun! She is going to love it :)
Hannah said…
Love it Paul!
Ron said…
Great solution Paul!
ang design said…
ha!!!! I think she'll pay you any way ...one off's are a prize :))
Lori Buff said…
A little smile can make any mistake better.
Paul Jessop said…
Thanks for the nice comments, I love that last one Lori.

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