Saturday 16 July 2011

Another Day in Paradise

Almost every day someone visiting my workshop
tells me I'm so lucky to work & live here at Barrington.
and everyday I am reminded why.
Yesterday morning me and caddie went for a walk
and we watched this Buzzard hunting in the field
you can just see him perched on the right hand side of the grey tree.
and sat on top of the workshop roof at the same time
was this little Owl
He was watching the Buzzard as well.
It was a lovely warm day and I was able to dry
my pie dishes in the sun prior to
putting them in the biscuit firing.
I only threw them on Tuesday, and dry enough to fire by Friday - result
The big dish that Marion made had come out of the kiln and it sold
within an hour of being on the showroom shelf.
I'm pleased to say we have two more in for a glaze firing today.

We also had a visit from Dave & Sue, Dave is a blog reader and
had spotted us at Rufford but didn't want to approach us.
We remember seeing you Dave,
 we were sat on a bench in the rose
garden and you were both looking at the sundial.
If anyone spots us out and about come over and say Hi
we love to meet people that read the blog.
They are from the Ashbourne area of Derbyshire
and were down this way on holiday, they had met up with Doug Fitch
earlier in the week.
They bought a few pots with this jug amongst them.
Thanks guys it was nice to meet you.
So I've had a busy week, what with delivering pots to London
Marion's Birthday, on Thursday
making pots and a good sales week.
and we have new land lords in the Barrington Oak

We had a meal and a few pints in there last night
and it was the best meal I've eaten in that pub for 6 years.
so go on try it.


cookingwithgas said...

it's nice to live in paradise.
We live in a bit of it ourselves.
We tell folks- we know we are spoiled.
But I would love to have a pub close by...

Hollis Engley said...

It does sound like a pretty good life, Paul. And we live near the shore of Buzzards Bay here in Massachusetts. But today in this country, buzzards are the reviled carrion eaters not the sleek hawks like the one in your photo. The bay got its name when early Englishmen spotted lots of ospreys there and used the term "buzzard" for them. Confusing? Probably.

Ron said...

Glad to hear about the new pub owners and good food. That's always really nice to have. Love seeing the birds there.

Ron said...

Oh and that's super about Marion's dish selling too!! What a nice pot.

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