Saturday, 30 July 2011

Quick Pots & Chaos.

Last Saturday & Sunday I made Pie Dishes
and Ramekin Dishes.
This morning only 1 week later They are out of the kiln.
We have had some warm weather and the fact that they
don't need handles etc: has enabled them to dry
quickly in the sunshine.
This kiln load had four layers of shelves.
and for once I did a glaze test.
something I know I should do a lot more of.
This was a new batch of my honey glaze on the left
which has 7% Iron Oxide red
the one on the right has only 3.5%
and I'm very pleased with it.
The Ramekins are now on the shelf in the showroom.
a quick turn around of stock helps the showroom look
a bit fuller.
Here are two of the grandchildren
Archie on the left and Koby on the right
They say never work with Children and Animals
and yesterday I had both in the workshop.
Now I know where the word Chaos came from.
This was a shot caught on the iphone
and not a set up in any way.
Don't worry Archie is still alive.
This was Thursday's day out.
and this was just a Weird Toilet wall !


gz said...

Chaos but good progress!

We have otters here too in the Afon Ebwy and Afin Sirhwy (rivers), but very elusive. The best time of the year is when you get youngsters playing!

ang walford said...

hehehe love the wall in the loo!! and looking good in the display area too paul :))

Ron said...

There's a whole cow in there! Like the new glaze and well done on the quick turnaround. Have a good weekend.

Laura Jessop said...

As a former tiling professional, can you name that tile?

Paul Jessop said...

No, I can't
But I'm sure bullshit was part of the process.

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