Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Sky's the Limit

We have had a week of amazing sunsets
not too much sun
but at night and first thing in the morning
we have had some stunners.
also this week I found the perfect way
to decorate my large bowls.
This is now a trade secret, but I'll let you in on it.
Coffee, Chocolate Buttons & Andy Williams on the stereo.
"Only Mr Williams on the stereo"
not the chocolate or coffee
that would just be plain silliness.
I've been making Garlic and Jam pots this week.
I managed to knock this one off the shelf
But Amazingly I caught it in mid air
and the lid stayed on.
In view of the success of my bowl with the dropped R
I have decided to keep this as an Organic Garlic pot.
We also had a visit from a fellow blogger
from America who is over here on a pottery holiday
It was great to meet Nancy Gallagher.
I whipped off my Smock
to reveal My Ron Philbeck T Shirt.
Yesterday I took 5 hours to load and glaze a kiln load,
it took me ages to work out how to fit the pots in.
In the end, I loaded it before glazing
and took pictures so that I wouldn't forget the layout
by the time I had glazed the pots.
Saturday night was sunny and warm
so after a hard days work we decided to head down to the coast.
Where we were treated to another
beautiful sun set.
And it was a real treat!
what a nice way to end a day.


Hannah said...

Yeah for Nancy. Lovely lady isn't she. She helped us relax into our demos in the states and then helped keep us on our toes!
Glad you had the t-shirt on ready.

gz said...

I like that saying on the plate too- really summed up my man.
Any idea where it is from?

Ron said...

Look at all the boats! Very beautiful. Nice tee too. And chocolate buttons, yum.

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