The Same But Different!

OK I slipped some items as per my last post
Both of these jugs have 100% Ball clay slip
nothing added.
the one on the left has the old batch
and the one on the right has the new batch.
This is the one on the right glazed and fired.
and this jug also had the new batch on the rim. 
You were right it doesn't seem to make much difference
But I can tell. 
all in all a good firing with some nice colourful results. 
a chap asked me yesterday why I had priced this pot with the 
beautiful glaze the same as one with a handle.
I told him he had answered his own question when he said
 "with the beautiful glaze."
Colour on the shelf
but I'm still not convinced.
"It's called market forces". I'm told
I have an answer to that, but I'd better keep that to myself! 
We shall end today's blog with a cute little jam pot
that has shape, form and a richness of colour 
that when you pick it up,tells
it's own story.
To me that's what pots should do.
They should talk to you and make you feel you want
to pick them up and hold them.


Lori Buff said…
All your glazes look really beautiful
Ron said…
Is that the same Amber on those two jugs? It's a big difference if it is, in what the slip is doing I mean. Everything looks grand Paul! Hope you're gearing up for a big fall season.
Anonymous said…
Hi Paul,
That's not the same two glazes on the pots is it?
Hope not else it really is different.
Tracey Broome said…
You are so right about pots talking to you. I keep the little jug of yours I bought at the Clay and Blogs show in my kitchen, on a shelf where I see it every day. Many times in the week, I just pick it up and hold it for a second, it calls to you to do that....
Paul Jessop said…
Hi Ron, no its not the same glaze one is the honey glaze and one is the cream glaze. they both seem OK but the one on just the rim is a bit creamier than normal, but I can live with that.

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