Large Bowls at Barrington Pottery

I was going to start this blog with a picture of the horrific accident
on the M5 jnc 25 in Somerset on Friday night
 in which 7 people died.
But looking at the pictures it somehow didn't feel right.
We count ourselves lucky as we got on the M5
at that junction at about 6.30pm that night and the accident
happened around 8.30pm.
Our thoughts are with all those affected.

OK now on with the blog.
I don't do much slip trailing and when I do it's usually white on black
this bowl came out a treat a few weeks ago
 and I've just realised I hadn't put it on the blog.

This was me in the workshop around 5.30 on Friday night
I have a commission to make a 20" bowl for the local church font.

My first attempt last week was using 14lbs of clay and was only 16"wide
so I've had another go with 16lbs of clay.

it still wasn't big enough. so this is 20lbs of clay
note to self "when adding water to the rim remember the rim is over hanging
the tray and you just cover yourself in water"!

 This is just about big enough and it survived the night.
This is one of the earlier attempts
having just been turned on my small wheel. 
and here are some jugs for an order. 
The court is closed in the week so now so it's a great time to crack on with some work.
My workshop is open all through the week except for Wednesday.


Joseph Travis said…
We almost went through there on the M5 at around that time, thankfully we were tired and had hotel room booked in Devon so stayed the night and woke up to news of the accident.

Squeezing out that extra size can be hard sometimes.
gz said…
At least those not big enough can still be finished and sold
Lori Buff said…
So glad you are ok and were not part of the crash. My heart goes out to the family and friends of those who were not as fortunate.
Tracey Broome said…
I thought about all of you as soon as I heard the news here on the BBC. Glad you are safe, the wreck sounded just awful.
Beautiful bowl!!
ellewen said…
It looks like your jeans are about to catch light in the photo... but i guess the water splashing off the overhanging rim helped!!
Ron said…
The trailed bowl looks nice Paul and so do the ones your making. Like the flame there!!

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