Friday, 4 November 2011

WPA Demonstration Day.

On Saturday 29th October 2011 we did a demonstration day to 12 people from the
Westcountry Potters Association.
And silly me, I got so involved in the day
I forgot to take any pictures.
Plenty of the visitors took a shot, luckily off me rather than at me.
so as soon as I get some of those sent to me I'll put them up.
It was the first time I had done a formal
Demonstration day and especially to other potters.
We had some fun and the day went very quickly from my part.
Marion provided us with copious amounts of tea & cake
she said afterwards it was the only way she could keep people awake!

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the response I have had back
from those who attended has all been very positive.

Thank you for a great day.

1 comment:

Congresburypotter said...

Have managed to download images and put them all onto a CD for you tonight... also emailed a few to be going on with! We had a lovely day and certainly didn't need to be kept awake (just loved all the tea and cake anyway!!)

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