Sunday, 4 December 2011

Dunster Castle Candlelight Day Two.

Day two at Dunster Castle started of at a much
more sedate pace.
The stand was all set up apart from a few minor changes
one of which was the introduction of a floodlight
at the front of the stand.
We were able to use a table from the castle that helped to set off the pots
in this fantastic location. 
I remembered to take a stool to sit on today
and can you spot Marion
who was here to help me today, she
"Say's Hi Bloggers. "
This local bread maker set up a stall on day two
just perfect stuff.
we were just opposite a local farmer with his stall
selling steak burgers
the smell was great and they tasted even better.
Sorry the picture is a bit blurred
I hadn't had a drop to drink Honest. 
Here is a picture of the walk down the hill from the castle
to the town.
The event really gets going about 4.30pm
and carried on until 9.30pm
It was very very busy and we did very well.
We both got stuck in to selling and being very pro active
promoting the workshop and showroom.
but we both realised that people were looking for bargains
so at some points we would have been good at selling second hand cars.
but it did the job and we had some fun with some of the customers.
We had a private bet on a stupidest hat competition.
and I gave a ginger bread man tree decoration to anyone
who I felt looked stupid enough.
I gave out 5 
No pictures that would just be cruel. 
Back at Barrington Court today
for the Antique Fair.
I was trying to describe how busy it is at the moment
and I said
 " it's like being in a Super Mario computer Game".


Anna said...


Hollis Engley said...

What a great place for a show.

Tracey Broome said...

What a magical place. Your posts on this event have put me in the holiday spirit now! So happy for you, I can just feel how happy YOU are!!!!

smartcat said...

WOW! With all that food I would have been tempted to eat my profits. It looks gorgeous; congrats on doing well. Like the hat idea.

tematrilia said...

Very uplifting post, thank you. I usually feel lazy about transporting my work to fairs. But you have pointed to some of the things I like of it. Like to meet a lot of people, direct contact with costumers. Being in an special/different setting with your work. The atmosphere of a busy fair, market...

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