Bowl Fest

It's not all plain sailing here at Barrington Pottery
I am having some issues that are all of my own doing
which makes them all that more frustrating.
This is a trial for a bowl that will eventually be made to fit in the font
at St Mary's church Barrington.
This one is 17" wide, but the font is 22" wide. 
It has cracked in the base and around the foot rim. 
and the slip has peeled off the rim.
I left it to late before applying the slip
and the pot rim was to dry. That's all down to me, and it's something
I knew at the time.
This bowl below was also to dry to slip the way it was ordered
so I just did some Buckley style slip trailing and saved the dish. 
This was supposed to be a live simply bowl, also ordered
but once again this had dried to much to apply the green slip to the rim.
So I gave it a simple finger swipe in wet slip. 
This was an earlier bowl with a design I call horizon. 
and if I'm having a bowl fest
I might as well chuck in a picture of this
black bowl. 
None of these were what they were supposed to be
so I'm working on the orders yet again.
cutting it fine I know but I seem to work better under pressure.
( did I really just say that )
I'm a liar !
 I hate pressure.


Anna M. Branner said…
Nice bowls! My orders all came out of the kiln yesterday. What a relief.
Lori Buff said…
The dryness issue is a delicate balancing act. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to control the exact level of humidity in our studios.
gz said…
We potters always suffer from Lastminuteitis, unfortunately.
Good bowls, even if not as ordered
Joe Troncale said…
Really nice bowls! On the brown one with the white slip, is the dark color a glaze that you put down before the slip, or was it brown clay with a clear glaze, or is it scraffito? In any case, they are all really nice (even the cracked one.) Don't you just hate that with bowls?

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