Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Pictures you should have seen, and a mug you don't want to see.

OK I have to hold my hand up
and say I have been a tad lax on the blog recently.

I've finished all of my Christmas orders today
now it's all down to the kiln gods to make sure
both glaze firings go without a hitch.
So Feeling good
here are some pics you should have seen.

Below is Nathan, Marion's son
who came down and spent a whole day filming with me
back in November.
we did a promo for the web site
and my bit of the filming for the film idea
that we did with Doug Fitch last year.
And I can't believe I haven't put these two sun set pictures up
that I took in November.
The top one looks like the sun is to close for comfort.
These two pictures of this mug still make me want to scream.
Can I make one just like this
the customer said !!!!
"Why would I want to?"
I said.
Can you believe someone came into my workshop
expecting me to make one just the same as this one.
I told him it was as far away from what I make as can possibly be
he said it has sentimental value.
I'm glad of that
because it's worth bugger all in it's current state.
He rang me the next day
and asked if I would make my version of it !
On a lighter note
I went out looking for some leaves to put on a pot today
and found this Deer foot print right outside my workshop door.
it must have sneaked past when I was busy.
Or is it Reindeer?
I have been a very good boy this year Santa !


Hollis Engley said...

God, I hate it when people bring in a pot for me to duplicate. I never know what they must be thinking ...
Nice photos, Paul. Our friends Denise and Chris were bragging the other day about a Jessop mug that a thatching friend from Somerset brought to them as a gift. It's one of the Barrow Hill ones. Barrow Hill? Is that right? They love it, anyway.

Paul Jessop said...

Burrow Hill, It's Burrow Hill Hollis. but it's close enough at that distance.

Hollis Engley said...

Damn. I knew I should have checked it. Burrow Hill, Burrow Hill ...

Anna said...

Ugh. People like that just don't understand. And probably never will. Sentimental value? How would the new one replace that feeling anyway. Geez.

Tracey Broome said...

I got a call today asking if my prices were negotiable, I hate that one as much as the "can you make this" one!
Do you have the made in china stamp too? haha!

gz said...

The worst thing is "I've got this lovely pot, but I've broken the lid, could you possibly".....

and they are never satisfied!!

smartcat said...

I just say "No!", if a customer persists I suggest they google pottery replacement and restoration......which is for companies specializing in antiques....but some people just don't want to listen. But it isn't just pottery, back when I was sewing and designing I used to get requests to copy outfits. Requesters would be insulted when I quoted a price that was more than that of retail.
It's the whole thing of wanting something for cheap. (Head banging against wall!)

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