Berlin Project

First of all Please accept my apologies for not blogging for a week
It's been a crazily busy week at Barrington Pottery,
with some exciting new stuff happening.
The new web site is proving a hit.
We have gained an order from Berlin
for some small sauce pots, 70 in total along
with 30 Ramekin dishes.
These pots are tiny I'm using about 6oz of clay for each one.
I'm having to use just my fingers to throw them. 
These must be the smallest pots I've ever made, but I really
got into the swing of it and made 100 in the end. 
While I was trialing them I cut one in half to check the thickness.
I've also made all my pots for another order. 

I seem to have Pancheons all over the place 
This was a space saving device while they wait to be turned. 
and this one on order has an Oak Leaf decoration. 
I've also been trying to do more experiments this year
This tile has four coloured slips on black slip. 
This was the biscuit fired tile 
I dipped the tile in two glazes
the one on the left is my usual glaze for black slip
and the one on the right will not be used again.
But at least I know.


Hollis Engley said…
Busy guy, Paul. I would have a hard time keeping my concentration on 100 ramekins. I get bored after about 25 and begin to make different things. Good for you to get the order and make all those pots. Love the tiles, too.
Unknown said…
I agree with Hollis. You have buckets more patience than me not to mention your skill level. Out of the hundred, probably 10 of mine would have matched. Very impressive.
cookingwithgas said…
busy is good my man, very good.
This is such a crazy way to make a living and when I read about folks who are making it happen it feels good. Let us hope that 2012 is busy as busy can be.
Anna M. Branner said…
Go Paul! More success.
Ron said…
Way to go Paul. Keep it up. Very inspiring.
Joe Troncale said…
Amazing tenacity, not to mention the craftsmanship.
You go, Paul...

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