Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Great start to 2012 just keeps getting better.

I said in my last Blog that I felt 2012
was going to be a good year for us, I could feel it in my water.

And so it is proving, and it's only the 10th January.
Internet sales at the start of the year have been very encouraging
with one particular sale promising to be far better than expected.
But more on that later in the week
after the customer has visited the workshop on Thursday.

Having applied for a stand at Earth & Fire 2012 at Rufford Abbey
last year, back in December I was informed 
that I had been placed on the reserve list for 2012.
This June is my 50th Birthday
and we have decided to have a party originally it was going to be
on the 24th June, but that is the date of the Rufford show
so we decided to have it on the 16th June
just in case I got a stall, we booked the pub
and we have booked the David Bowie tribute act that is just brilliant,
we did all that yesterday.
Today I had a phone call from the show organisers to say that someone had,
had to pull out of the show and would I like a stand. 
Would I like a stand ?
are my arms covered in clay ?
the answer is always going to be Yes!
Earth and Fire 2012: 22, 23 and 24 June - 10am to 5pm

So we'll see you in Rufford.
let me know if your able to pop along.
I'm going to start putting pots aside for the show
so I can make sure we make a good impression.


Tracey Broome said...

Congrats Paul! So happy for you, what a great show to be in. In high school I actually thought I was David Bowie, had the haircut from the Diamond Dogs album cover, had the clothes, played his music constantly, posters all over my room.... wish I could hop over to the party! On my birthday one year, I got to sit about ten rows back at his Glass Spider tour, one of the highlights of my life. Oddly enough the concert was right here in the town I now live in!
So glad you are already having such a wonderful year, and just think, it's only begun :)

Hannah said...

Bloody brilliant! Well done you. Fly the slipware flag high boy.

doug Fitch said...

Great news Paul :-)
I look forward to seeing you on Friday, I'll have the kettle on

Hollis Engley said...

Way to go, Paul. You certainly belong at Rufford. And maybe you should book Tracey to come over and sing with the band.

Joseph said...

Congratulations, will definitely be trying to visit the show again this year, I had a good time last year as a visitor.

Can you pass on some of your good year to those of us who aren't doing as well.

Lori Buff said...

Congratulations, well done. It's great to have such a successful start to this new year.

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Guys, Thanks for the great comments, I'm buzzing at the moment and I'm spreading the good vibe as far as I can. got an order from a Pub in London today for 20 Pie dishes, I feel as if I've taken some kind of Lucky drug.
Trying not to think about how this is all going to end. I'm staying positive.

Susan said...

We always go to Earth and Fire, and we'll look out for you.

smartcat said...

Congratulations! Cool birthday present!

Ron said...

Way to go Paul.

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