Redecorated showroom for 2012

A Happy New Year
 to all who follow this blog.
I was supposed to taking a two week break
from Christmas eve, but after a week
I was itching to get back.
We started news years day by coming into the showroom
and getting on with the business of redecorating.
If you've followed this blog for some time you will remember that
two years ago I built these two Dresser units from Scaffold planks
They have been great, but I think they look a bit grubby now.
So I added some new backs to them and Marion
Painted them with a white wash. 
Much better I'm sure you will agree. 
I've also painted the walls a slightly warmer colour
This wall is Farrow & Ball Farrows Cream watered down
painted on then scrubbed with a scouring pad. 
You may have noticed we have taken out the top shelf in both units
and then added some lights. 
 This is the finished effect.
 and here with some pots on.
 So it's a new start to the year with a new look
My hope is that it has raised the level of the showroom

and here is the overall effect.
A new showroom now all I have to do is make some pots
to fill it.
But That will start next week.


Susan said…
It looks great.
Lori Buff said…
Nice job. It looks very warm and bright.
Anna M. Branner said…
Your studio seems such a cozy place. Makes me want to BUY. Good job.
Ron said…
Looks great Paul and Marion. Yes, very warm and cozy feeling.
smartcat said…
Terrific....very welcoming and elegant!
Hollis Engley said…
Gorgeous, Paul. I'm envious.
Paul Jessop said…
Thanks Everyone, we are really pleased with the results. and your comments make it all worth while.
Unknown said…
I would definitely want to buy pots if I entered that great space!

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