Monday, 23 April 2012

Electric Kiln Help required

I've just fired my kiln again on a biscuit firing.
having replaced the connector to one of the elements
because it had done this.
But it has just done the same thing again?
I'm adding pictures of every aspect
so that you can have a whole view in case you spot something I've missed.
This is where the element wire comes into the control box
It's the top set of elements only that I'm having trouble with.
It's the middle one of these.
and this is to show you that the elements are
all in good order.

Any help on what Might be causing this to happen 
would be greatfully recieved.

1 comment:

Joe Troncale said...

Well, I may not be telling you anything you don't already know, but clearly that is drawing too much current and so a resistor needs to be added to the circuit before it gets to that element. Beyond that, I would have to talk with my electrician friend. I have a feeling that there is a nodulator that could be put in the circuit before it gets to that particular element that would prevent you from having that problem. What brand of kiln is it?

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