Tuesday, 29 May 2012

New pots for Earth & Fire

I've been trying to find time to make some extra pieces for the
Earth & Fire show at Rufford.
 These Harvest Jugs will be saved for the show
 The same but different.
 We are going to be bringing our baking dishes as well
I have an order to complete before the show so I hope I have enough left.
I thought we should show you this plate were were asked to make
for the little bakery on the side of the A303
the road to Somerset from London
the bakery has been there 100 years this year.
 You can tell Marion is in the workshop
as a few softer touches have been added.
 I had evening classes last night
and it is the best time to be in the workshop,
 The sun light is just fabulous.
 here are three of my ladies
I think the fourth had gone for a wee!
 They were making small animals for a raku firing
 and I think they excelled themselves.
No classes next week as we will be holding our village event
party in the park.
as with the Marmite
your going to love it or hate it!


Hollis Engley said...

The workshop looks great. Could you two come over here and clean up mine???? And I love the Ma'amite label.

cookingwithgas said...

100 years and we thought being in business 30 was good!
Hate it! Too salty!

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