Monday, 28 May 2012

Sunny Barrington

Well Summer seems to have arrived in Barrington
 The shot above is looking to the left from our gate
 and this one is looking to the right.
the Tratt brothers are putting a new ridge on the large cottage.
 These are the roses on the front of our cottage.
we've been working on making 60 Breakfast bowls
for the Diamond Jubilee for the kids in the village
I was going to show you a pic but it's on my phone not the computer.
we had to put some of them on the table in the showroom
so I added a sigh just to make sure people
didn't start touching them.
It worked! so I'm going to keep it.

 The same sign could also apply here!
Caddy has been struggling in the heat. 
we also took delivery of this old grocers bike circa 1930
with it's original basket. the idea was to put it
outside the workshop with some pots.
But having seen the size of my Belly in some of the shots.
I'm going to get it sorted so I can cycle to the workshop.


Hollis Engley said...

Love that grocer's bike. You could work as an itinerant potter with that. And you can tell the Tratt Brothers that their friend Chris Bromfield is now a full-fledged employee of Wood Lumber here in Falmouth. They needed that strange Brit sense of humor there.

Ron said...

You and Marion live in such a beautiful village Paul. I love seeing those photos and remember being there. Cool bike, I could do w. some exercise my self!

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