Monday, 14 May 2012

New Pots in Stock

These salt pigs are now on the shelf

 In Cream & Blue
 This is a large Cider bottle in our bedroom window.
what else would you expect to see in a potters window.
 and this is the hallway of our cottage.
 and Garlic pots are now back in stock.
 and Pie dishes sold as a set of four.
I've had The editor of the National Trust Magazine come to visit last week
with a photographer, for an article for the
The National Trust Magazine
which will come out on September the 8th.
so I'll keep you posted.
Mean while I still have only one kiln working.
But I'm way behind on my pots for Rufford.
I'm goint to start getting into the workshop earlier.
I'll put up some pics as I get making. 


gz said...

I make similar salt pigs - how much do you charge for yours? (mine are £17.50) The little ones are very popular- it can be amusing hearing the alternative uses!!

Paul Jessop said...

Hi, they vary between £18.00 & £20.

Paul Jessop said...

I do also want to appologise for writing the most boring blog for a long time. as ever there is so much going on here, it's a case of trying to keep a lid on things.
I am sure next week I will be able to put up some exciting pots. thanks for hanging in there.

Paul Jessop said...

That should have said "Posts"

TropiClay Studio said...

Not boring at all ... enjoyed seeing the pics and reading it as well. I like the different colors inside those four pots! Adds a little life to the quartet ...

gz said...

exciting pots as well in the exciting posts!!

Joe Troncale said...

Great pots, great glazes...

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