Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Barrington Countryside

It's been a wet and windy weekend
I've taken Caddy for a few walks up on the high ground.
 I loved this track across a field
made by some kind of animal, obviously making a daily trip.
 The Somerset levels are only 35feet above sea level
and flooding is a regular thing around here.
it's all well managed these days.
 This is a great natural shot of a farm gate.
 and the lane we walked up.
 in weather like this, having one of these is great
you can go anywhere.
 Being a bank Holiday, we had some of the family around
and tested out one of my large 14" baking dishes
It went down a treat.
So I'm going to be making some more of these this week.
Have a Happy week.


Hollis Engley said...

OK, Paul, do we get the recipe? Or do we have to buy a pot?

Paul Jessop said...

Free recipe with every pot Hollis, in fact that's not a bad idea.

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