Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rain, Wind & Pots @ Barrington Pottery

The past four days has seen an unbelievable amount 
of rainfall in Somerset
and Barrington Court has had it's fair share.
 This is a damp looking workshop this morning.
 Cadbury and I went for a walk this morning, in part to 
see the extent of the damage.
 The rain has certainly added a bit more colour to the countryside
which is welcome
 One of the casualties of the wind and the rain
was this large old Oak tree.
 Caddy had decided to take his squeaky ball
with him on today's walk.
 it looks as if it was the wind that caused this old fella to finally topple
 it's a sad sight at any time to see such an old tree
finally succumb to the forces of nature.

On a slightly jollier note
we also had some nice pots come out of the kiln today.
 This press moulded dish by Marion has come out very nice.
 and another of these large cooking dishes measuring 14" plus the handles.
and this large green Pancheon is 16" wide
and the glaze has come out nice and rich.

It all feels a bit like the circle of life today.
as one old tree calls it a day, here we are creating new things
from the same earth.
very humbling.

1 comment:

Joe Troncale said...

Beautiful pots and glazes!
Sorry about the loss of the tree! It is sad to see them go down...

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