Monday, 25 June 2012

Earth & Fire Rufford 2012 Post show,Post!

What a weekend that was!
I'll try and keep this brief, but also try to give a flavour of the event
from our view point.
We set off on Thursday lunch time in pouring rain
which followed us all the way up the country as we travelled.
we Finally made it to Rufford at about 4pm
it would have been 3.30pm if I hadn't been in the wrong lane
and had made the correct turn.
Navigating and driving at the same time, it's multi tasking
I should have know it was bound to fail at some point.
"a Man multi tasking"!
 By the time we got there we had out run the rain
and we were able to offload the pots to the stand area
and pitch tent before the rain came again.
This was the view from our well appointed room !
" well OK our Tent"
 I can't quite remember what happened Thursday night
I think it might have rained a bit and we had a few beers in the tent
and retired early,
This is definitely different from early retirement!
 Friday morning bright as buttons Marion and me set up the stall.
Doug was rearing to go as well.
Frank was there wearing a flat cap the size of Yorkshire.
 Margaret Brampton was all set up as well.
 and even
Paul Young put a few little bits out!!.
 Being Olympic year here in England
The organisers had decided to put on the
Pot Olympics
which Doug and I got involved with.
Here from left to right are
Doug Fitch, Roger Cockram & Richard Heeley
taking part in the Blind fold Throwing.
 When camping one has to adapt to ones environment
and Marion certainly did that
with this great use of walking boots
as a wine bottle and glass holder proves.
 Friday night we had a great night out in the local pub
which was just a short walk from the camp site.
I had a great Burger and a few local beers
I'm sure Kronenberg 1769 is a local brew?
 Come Saturday morning I couldn't focus on the stand
let alone set it up.
 so I just walked away looking for more tea
and when I came back it had magically set it's self up.
Thank's Marion.
 It was a great weekend
and we had a good positive response.
The winds at some times were gusting up to 70mph
and we did loose three pots to the wind.
but over the three days we sold over 150 pots
mainly small ramekins and Pie dishes.
and we both came away exhausted but very happy.
This is a brief story of our very first Rufford.
We would just like to say a very big thank you to all of the people that
came up to us over the weekend and said they follow the blog
it's much appreciated, and we decided that next year
 we will have a little something to give you
when you come and make yourselves known to us.
and thanks to all the people that now have a piece of Barrington Pottery
in their home,
it's very much appreciated.

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